The Wilderness Diary

The creation of the printed layout for the “Wilderness Diary” was a collaborative endeavor between Fabiano Creative and Jessica Ferrell. We began by carefully examining the content of the book, identifying key themes and elements that needed to be highlighted visually. This involved analyzing the author’s writing style, the imagery used, and the overall tone of the book.

We then brainstormed ideas for the overall layout, considering factors such as page size, font style, and color palette. We wanted to create a visually appealing and engaging design that would complement the book’s content and resonate with its target audience.

Jessica provided us with artwork and content that we carefully placed on the page, ensuring that the text, images, and design elements were balanced and cohesive.

We also collaborated on the use of typography, selecting fonts that were both readable and visually appealing. We experimented with different font sizes, styles, and weights to create a sense of hierarchy and emphasis throughout the book.

The process of creating the printed layout was overall enjoyable. We were committed to creating a design that was both visually stunning and faithful to the book’s content

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