We believe in the power of design with simplicity, where every element serves a purpose, creating a visual language that is both clean and impactful.

Web Design

Our web design process involves a discovery phase to gather information, followed by a design phase where we create  mockups in collaboration with the client to ensure the website meets their requirements and aligns with their brand identity.

Logo Design

The logo design process we follow begins with a consultation to understand the client’s brand, values, and target audience, followed by extensive research to create a range of concept ideas, and finally refining the chosen concept to produce a polished and effective logo.

Video Creation
Our video design approach seamlessly blends artistic creativity and technical expertise. Through innovative concepts, unique visual styles, and compelling storytelling techniques, we create visually stunning and captivating videos that engage audiences.
Line Art
In our line art process, meticulous attention to detail, skillful precision, and a keen eye for capturing the essence of subjects through clean and elegant lines are paramount. Each stroke is deliberate, carefully considered to ensure accuracy and expressiveness.
Print Design

We follow a meticulous print design process, ensuring each project meets the highest standards of quality and aligns with our clients’ unique needs.


Our photography process is a meticulous journey that begins with careful planning and ends with a delicately retouched final image. We take pride in every step, from meticulously scouting locations and setting up lighting to capturing the perfect moment and expertly editing the final product.

Satisfied customers

“Obsessed is an understatement. My husband and I got married on September 18th on Doubleday Field, had our reception at The Otesaga Resort Hotel and took photos inside and outside of the Hall of Fame. We bought three prints for our new homes hallway and they’re all perfect reflections of our big day!! Thank you so much. I’m so glad we could shop small with an Etsy shop in Cooperstown!!!”

-Kara S.


“Very knowledgeable, creative and helpful with website designs. The website is stunning and we have gotten many compliments about the finished product.”

Rebecca S. – The Brookwood School

About The Designers

As a husband and wife team, we bring a unique blend of perspectives and creative energy to every graphic design project we undertake. Our design philosophy centers around minimalism, where less is more, and simplicity is key. We believe in the power of elegant and straightforward design to communicate our clients’ message effectively. Our designs are not only aesthetically beautiful but also strategically effective in achieving our clients’ goals. We strive to create designs that make a lasting impression and leave a positive impact. We are excited to continue on this journey and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Let’s make something beautiful


Cooperstown, NY


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